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Whether " you Know the consumer? ", July, 17, 2006
Going along the street, I have involuntarily overheard conversation of the mature woman on a cellular telephone with the friend. She(it) complained, that its(her) members of household extremely are not pleased, and she(it) does not know, than still it is possible to feed them. Everything, that she(it) will not be going, it is not pleasant to them. And here recently my familiar, business woman has told, that she(it) is at a loss in a supermarket to find the product necessary to it(her) because of narrow passes. When I have transferred this news to experts of the same supermarket, they were very much surprised. " At us all under the standard as in Moscow ", - they parried to me in the answer. As known psychologist Avraam Maslou, people practically always something notices want. The big insight also is required to understand that they want, when and where. Only it is necessary to learn(find out) about consumers more, than they know about to themselves. Value of that you know the consumer little bit better, than your competitors, can be incredibly high. Continuation follows. Natalia Prilutskaja, the general Director Open Company the Centre of administrative consultation "НЕО-SYNTHESIS"
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