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" Marketing opportunities ", July 2006
Today marketing admits as the important component of business success and defines(determines) administrative decisions and actions on the part of the businessman. If the businessman (the director of the enterprise) is not capable to understand the consumers it is difficult for it(him) to achieve prosperity of the business. However at abundance of the business literature on marketing and management, the modern head is lost in doubts: " How correctly to offer the goods or service on the market? ", " What to make to keep steady customers and to involve beginners? ", " Where to train the workers in art of service of the buyers? " And т.д.. To consider(examine) laws and the rules of behaviour accepted in the foreign market, in a separation from the validity existing in Russia - empty and ungrateful(thankless) employment(occupation). Therefore after long searches of outputs(exits) and different ideas from the usual position our edition has decided to organize a permanent round table for heads of the enterprises of small and average business. A round table have asked to become conducting Natalia Vasil'evnu Prilutskuju, the general director of Open Company the Centre of administrative consultation "НЕО-SYNTHESIS", the owner of the diploma in management of the business School of Open University of the Great Britain working тьютора of the International Institute of Management ЛИНК under the program " the Enterprising manager " and Business schools of Open University of the Great Britain under the program "Manager - professional", the expert on marketing and management of the International Association " System of the inter-regional marketing centres ". Correspondent That represents modern marketing? N.V.Prilutskaja In the world knows more than two thousand definitions of marketing. And in various sources marketing is defined(determined) differently. I shall bring one of last definitions: " Marketing is a way of harmonization of needs(requirements) and desires of an external world with mission, resources and the purposes of the organization ". Any enterprise can not offer the market all for all. Each organization has the certain competitive advantages and skills. For achievement of success it is important to connect that the company can do(make) with desires of the certain groups of consumers. Correspondent. And in numerous definitions of marketing need to be known what approaches to the modern head? N.V.Prilutskaja First of all, marketing is a philosophy of business. Marketing is a managerial process, skill to work in the market, style of a management(manual) inside the enterprise. Marketing is a consecutive, system and complex approach to activity. Correspondent. In that case, in your opinion, that are missed in the activity by heads more often? N.V.Prilutskaja we shall not speak about philosophy of business, she(it) at everyone the. As to managerial process here with confidence I can tell, that the majority of heads about it(him) simply do not guess owing to absence of system knowledge. Marketing as administrative process is carried out at four levels: research, strategic, tactical and administrative. For today marketing by the majority is understood only at the tactical level including creation of a new product, formation of the price and the profit, a choice of methods of promotion of the goods or service on the market, definition of ways of delivery of the goods. Because of absence of activity of others of three many heads are higher than the named levels are at a loss to answer such questions, as: " they are engaged in What business? ", " who their buyers? ", " What their position in the market? " … Correspondent with confidence to develop the business, what marketing problem(task) is necessary for putting to the head before itself? N.V.Prilutskaja To look at the business as on system. Such principle refers to " the Sight from the helicopter ". If at something you look from the big distance fine details are not visible, but you see the whole. Close you notice details, but you do not understand system. By the way, recently at the Russian businessmen bent for to purchase of real helicopters has appeared. Our Kirov businessmen try to not lag behind. We shall consider, that such heads for a way to understanding of the whole. The problem(task) of marketing - to organize mutual relation between the company, its(her) buyers and competitors so that to sell the competitive goods with excellent service of buyers. . And what we hear correspondent and we see in practice? N.V.Prilutskaja very interestingly is solved a problem(task) of management of mutual relation three parties(sides). I any more from one Kirov director heard about offers of the competitors losing positions in the market to buy up their successful business. Correspondent Probably, such funny things happen because of absence of experience in the field of marketing in the Russian market? N.V.Prilutskaja Most likely, from unwillingness to understand consumers. Recently, in February, 2006 it was executed 30 years to the Russian marketing since in 1976 the Section of marketing was created at Commercial and industrial chamber of the USSR. Correspondent. And what it is necessary to do(make) to understand the consumers? N.V.Prilutskaja To learn to see the business by eyes of consumers. To organize " marketing during walk ", to learn at the competitors, eventually, to address to the professionals, capable to analyse the qualitative information on the market and to develop marketing strategy of the company. Correspondent. To what sources can be addressed to heads of small business to avoid typical mistakes and to borrow successful experience in the market? N.V.Prilutskaja In 2003 was issued by the International Association " system MMTS " and Department of support and development of small business of the Government of Moscow a series from 10 books devoted to problems of marketing in 10 various kinds of small business: - Hairdressing saloons and beauty salons; - Small furniture stores interiors; - Bakeries, small confectionery manufactures; - Small food manufactures; - Medical services; - Improving / sports services; - Repair - industrial workshops / studio; - Small cafes, fast-food establishments; - Photoservices and the save - centres; - The polygraphic centres. The practical information received in a course of specially carried out(specially spent) researches of small business of our capital is put in a basis of each book. On the basis of the carried out(spent) researches in books not only it is shown, that at all complexity of problems arising before small business businessmen find ways of their decision, but also is proved, that the marketing approach in management of business today plays a main role. Whether correspondent we in further Can discuss successful experience and typical mistakes of the Moscow enterprises in comparison with the Kirov small business within the framework of our round table? N.V.Prilutskaja it Is doubtless, yes. But for this purpose it is necessary to invite heads of small and average business wishing these discussion. Correspondent Give on the eve of Day of builders we shall collect behind a round table of heads of the building companies. N.V.Prilutskaja the Excellent(different) offer. With pleasure I support.
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